Whole Hog Swag

You’ll find all sorts of fun stuff on Red Bubble based on some of my graphic work.

If you love supporting your local farmer, and appreciate what they bring to your table and local food scene, check out these typographic pigs. Available with or without a background shape, you can rock your farmers market or even your living room with some hell yeah I love local wear, and home or gadget bling.

Whole Hog Shirts

There are all sorts of shirt styles, and you can choose from a variety of colors. The lightweight hoodie I ordered is true to size, so no need to get a size up or down. Great quality, too!

Too much orange? You can choose your own background color on many of these goodies!

There are many more items and options behind each graphic pig style.

Whole Hog 36x36 Floor Pillow
Eat Local Pork Throw Pillow
Whole Hog Eat Local Tote
Whole Hog Black Zipper Pouch
Whole Hog Laptop pouch
Whole Hog Eat Local coffee mug
Whole Hog Eat Local Travel Mug
Whole Hog Eat Local Spiral Notebook
Whole Hog Eat Local Hardbound Journal