About Next Chapter Farm

If you’re anything like me, you’re a conscious omnivore who recognizes the value of supporting your local small farmers, eating very healthy, clean food, and keeping your dollars local in your community. And you love bacon. Lots of bacon.

I have worked as a line cook, head chef, and a variety of hospitality jobs over the years prior to entering the design gig field and looong before I ventured into pigs, but always held on to my passion for really good food. Friends joked that if I loved bacon so much, I should make my own.

Fast forward ten years…and here I am, sharing that love with you.

After a bit of preparation with extension farming and charcuterie courses, increasingly more productive gardens, and a grueling 2-week outdoors-only Permaculture intensive camp, I felt ready to dive in feet first.

I made the leap from city life to farmville in 2015. Currently based in the lush Green Mountains of Central Vermont, I raise beautiful heritage breed pigs in shady woodland, supplying friends & family, and the occasional restaurant with tasty pork and roaster pigs.

I spend my downtime with this labor of love as a graphic and web designer. Check out some of my pig swag!

Thanks for visiting – I’m glad you’re here!

farmer with heritage breed tamworth pigs

Your farmer, Lara Dickson