After missing out on the deadline to register for Sterling College’s Charcuterie course last year, I actually set a Google Calendar reminder in February so I wouldn’t miss out this year.

The farm comes with a working meat processing facility, albeit for the home butcher, plus a nice big walk in cooler complete with chains hanging from the ceiling. With a little patching up and expansion, I hope to get a lot of use out of that end of the barn. Even if for just friends and family. I have a little bit of slaughtering under my belt, but taking a real ‘stab’ at it under the guide of professional butchers and food producers was on order.

Sausage making at Vermont Salumi

Along with butchering, prepping, cooking, and eating a wide variety of meaty delights such as terrines, pates, bacon, and sausage, our small class of seven students took a few fields trips to visit and learn from legendary local meat farmers and producers like Pete Colman of Vermont Salumi and Ale Rellini at Agricola Farm outside of Vergennes. We also watched cows go from walking to not at Vermont Packinghouse in Springfield, and the inner workings of processing at Vermont Smoke & Cure in Waitsfield.

It was a great experience and I’d do it all over again. Who knew that headcheese could be so delicious? It has motivated me even more to get the barn ready for piglets come Spring. I can’t wait!

Burlington Free Press writer Melissa Pasanen write up a nice article on our class and it was great to finally meet her in person – we share quite a few friends in the Vermont social media sphere.