CSA Membership Agreement

By purchasing a “CSA share”, otherwise known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), you are helping to support a sustainable, soon-to-be certified organic farm. This Membership Agreement tells us you are sincere about helping contribute to and supportive of local food accessibility, local small farms, and helping support a family-run Vermont business.

See our CSA FAQ for more details about what a CSA Share means to members, and this farm.


Members agree to pay for their share(s) in full before June 24, 2021, the first pick up day for the 2021 season.

Shares are payable by check, cash, money order, or cashier’s check. Pre payment allows the farm to purchase all of its seeds, compost, and other supplies before the season so can hit the ground running before the ground thaws. In return, we work very hard all season to give you back more value in your share than you have paid – in effect, your “loan” plus “interest”.

If full payment has not been made by June 24th, we’ll reach out to you to confirm that you do indeed still want to be a member of our CSA. We can work out a payment plan if you do. If you choose not to become an official member, we’ll refund all but a nominal administrative fee. Our shares are limited – we’re a small CSA – so the sooner you let us know you can’t become a fully paid member after all, the better chance your have of filling your spot.

If you would like your share delivered every week, an additional $100 flat fee will apply, up front. Random delivery requests will incur a $20 per delivery fee. Deliveries must be within Addison County, VT.


Member is responsible for picking up their own shares at the designated time and day of the week (or having a designee do so), otherwise forfeit that week’s share. Unclaimed shares will be donated to the local food shelf.

Members assume the responsibility to pick up their shares at the farm (2571 Rt 7 S. Middlebury, VT), on Thursdays between 2pm and 6pm, from June 24th through the end of October, 2021, or forfeit that week’s share. If necessary, members may make their own arrangements to have someone else pick up for them, or with any other CSA member to trade weeks. (You must call or email us to confirm a designee pick up person if you’re not going to make it on time.)

  1. When arriving at the farm, members generally first need to check in before picking up a share. Shares are listed under the primary member’s name.
  2. Members are to exchange their share for the clean, empty tote from the previous week (doesn’t apply to the first pick-up week).
  3. Members are free to peruse additional ‘surplus’ items in the farm stand CSA Members Only area, designated by signage. Members are also free to add to their share totes additional items from the farm stand at a discounted rate (25% off)


The farm has elected to offer share holds, which allow you to place up to THREE delivery holds on your share per season. We know that members appreciate the flexibility to pause your subscription during weeks when you will not be able to receive it, and we have worked to accommodate this need. Here are some guidelines for delivery holds:

  1. Member is responsible for placing their own delivery holds, by contacting the farm and receiving confirmation that the share can be on hold.
  2. Member is responsible for scheduling additional CSA shares, if available, by contacting and getting confirmation from the farm.
  3. Members who miss share pick ups because they did not place a Hold will not be compensated for missed shares, neither through credits nor refunds nor additional rescheduled shares.

NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED FOR UNUSED CSA SHARES but the value CAN be used as credit towards the farm stand. Share credit is $25 per week.


Member understands that the shares vary in content and quantity of items from week to week. Members receive produce that is in season.

Although there is a large variety each week, the produce will change from week to week. The CSA will send an email update prior to pick up day as to what the share contents are likely to be; however contents are always subject to change.

Member understands that Next Chapter Farm may need to reduce share quantities in the event of bad weather or other detrimental natural conditions affecting harvest. The Farm will make every attempt to make up for any reduction in volume in future weeks or surplus.

The production and availability of farm produce relies heavily upon weather and natural conditions. During exceptionally good conditions, CSA members benefit from surplus produce. Conversely, in the case of a season of bad weather, a natural disaster, crop failure, wildlife, or other natural forces beyond control, the Farm is not liable to distribute produce or other goods it does not have to the CSA. The Farm works to mitigate these situations to the extent possible, however, this means that there may be times when share quantities be reduced. Members understand and accept the benefits and risks inherent to agriculture and neither Next Chapter Farm nor any CSA “core group members” or volunteer shall be held liable in the event of reduced shares. Working together to support the Farm through difficult times means that the Farm will be able to recover and continue to sustain a source of quality produce for the CSA community in the long term.


Next Chapter Farm relies on the CSA members’ support to maintain our sustainable, organic farming practices. CSA members rely on the Farm to provide them with healthy, local, organic produce. Members commit to help do their part and realize that participation is the key to sustainable living. THANK YOU for making sustainable farming possible!

Membership lasts for one season. The 2021 season is defined as June 24th through the end of October.

Members have first dibs on signing up for the next season, by December 31. Any available shares will be available to the public January 1, for the next season. Current members will be notified and encouraged to re-up membership before December 31, and before available shares are made available to the public.


CSA Subscriptions
The spirit of a CSA subscription is for the subscriber to buy a share of our farm’s products for a particular season. This means that you as the shareholder will share with the farmer in both the bounty and the risks associated with farming.

If you are not satisfied with your CSA subscription, you can cancel in writing to hello@nextchapterfarm.com at any time within the first FOUR weeks of CSA deliveries. Next Chapter Farm will refund you with the unused portion of your subscription.

AFTER THE FIRST FOUR WEEKS OF THE SUBSCRIPTION, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. If you need to end your CSA subscription during the season for any reason (i.e. moving house, change in job schedule, etc.) we encourage you to re-sell the unused portion of your share. If you don’t know anyone locally, Front Porch Forum is a great way to get the word out. The Farm may have a list of people on the waiting list. However, selling your share is your responsibility and the farm is NOT RESPONSIBLE for credits, refunds or otherwise for any missed weeks of pickups.

Perishable Products
Although our produce is fresh-picked and packed, we will replace any perishable product (produce, eggs) which the member deemed inedible within one week of purchase. Replacement will be with same or similar product, if the original product is not available.  It is advisable to take a look at your share box contents at pick-up to ensure all is quality. Please follow the storage instructions included in all weekly pick up emails to get the most out your weekly box of veg. Please let us know immediately if there is produce in your share that is not up to par once you unpack it at home. Please bring the items back to the Farm so we can see what happened and how we can prevent it in the future.


By reading this agreement page, and if you are a member of Next Chapter Farm’s CSA program, you agree to abide and follow this Membership Agreement.

Thank you!

We sincerely look forward to bringing you the best CSA experience, produce, and local food shopping option we can. Follow us around on Facebook and Instagram, and visit our blog for recipes and how-tos to get the most out of your CSA Share. As a member, you’re already on our weekly CSA Member-only email list, and we hope you find it a valuable resource to accommodate your membership.

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