Junior the well behaved Rooster

It’s officially a farm now, I guess?

Last night I scooped up a mess of hens and two roosters (omg) from my buds who moved off to Scotland a month ago. Same folks I got my new-favorite-thing tractor from. Their house sitter is leaving so I had to scramble to fit up their new accommodations.

Har har…scramble.

Transfer involved each bird in its own City Market plastic reusable shopping bag, except for Junior the big rooster who insisted on a repurposed u-haul box. I had to go back this morning to lure 2 hens that have only ever existed in the forest. Like me, hunger for corn scratch tricked them into some sort of shopping bag hell and off we went.

Operation bag ’em is complete and they’re cooped up for a couple days to acclimate. The best free (sort of) entertainment, chickens.

They are already laying far too many eggs for me alone. Look out friends or anyone who stumbles onto this property – you’re getting a carton or two.