Order Pork Shares

Order Pork Shares

Whole & Half Hogs

Happy pigs make delicious pork

Next Chapter Farm pork shares feature forested heritage breed pork from sustainably and humanely raised pigs. Dispatched on-farm (or at a USDA facility,) and processed in a nearby Vermont State inspected facility.

Smoked Items

Smoked items such as bacon, ham, or hocks do not have the smoking fee built into the share price. If you would like to smoke your own cuts, please indicate in the comment section on the order form.

Freezer Space

Before placing an order, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ROOM IN YOUR FREEZER to take delivery of your share. Read more on freezer space and preparing to take delivery of a whole hog.

Roaster Pigs

If you would like to place an order for your pig roast or restaurant, please contact me directly via email.

A 20% deposit is required for all orders. I will send you an invoice once your order is submitted. Final balance due upon delivery.