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How to Cook, Store, & Preserve Beets

In addition to reddish-purple beets, we also grow golden beets, which are sweeter and milder, and don’t bleed when cooked.

  • Root Family

  • Stores well

  • Grows all season long


About Beets



Beets are one of the longest season crops, growing in all but the coldest weather in Vermont, and able to store for up to months The first baby ones generally arrive in June or July, and the large storage ones store well in a cool room or root cellar through winter until February.



In one word: earthy. But often sweet. Golden and Chiogga beets are a little sweeter than red beets. Chopping and roasting beets tends to reduce their intensity, while grating and eating raw does not.



Store in the fridge in a closed plastic bag for up to 8 months (!) with proper humidity levels. Like all root vegetables (hello carrots and radishes), remove their green tops when you get them in the house or else they will quickly turn limp and sad. You can eat beet greens in a saute like you would chard or add to your stock pot. Chickens love them.

Recipe Ideas

All recipes have been tried in our own kitchen and enthusiastically approved.

Recipes here in 3 auto columns

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