Happy pigs make delicious pork.

Next Chapter Farm pork shares feature forested heritage breed pork from sustainably and humanely raised pigs. Our pigs are rotated through lush woodland all summer, and are fed organically grown local grain, surplus produce, apples, pumpkins, supplemented with whatever they forage from the the cool shady woods. They live stress-free, care-free lives and eat like kings.

How it works:

  1. Reserve a whole or half hog with a deposit.
  2. Towards the end of summer I’ll inform you of your delivery date so you can be prepared with freezer space
  3. I’ll send you a cut sheet so you can determine how you’d like your pork portioned – meaning, what types of cuts you’d like from your hog like pork chops, ribs, tenderloin, what flavors of sausage, how many roasts, whether you’d prefer your bacon sliced or as a slab, do your own smoking, make your own sausage, etc.
  4. That’s it! See you in late Fall with your passel of delicious, sustainable raised pork.

Whole Hog Cut Chart

Wondering how much pork and what types of cuts you get with a whole or half hog?

Check out this handy info sheet with all the options.

Doubt your family can eat a whole hog inside of a year?

You’d be surprised how versatile pork can be for everyday eating and special occasions. I’m beefing up (hah!) the blog with a variety of recipes and ideas to make use of the many edible and delicious parts of a whole pig.

Still not sure if you have space?

Find a friend or other household and share the bounty. Buying a whole hog and splitting it is probably the best way to introduce a landslide of pork into your kitchen. Each half is identical as far as cuts and weight, takes up less space in your freezer, and costs less overall to process – share and save!

Do make your own sausage?

Bulk 10-25lbs of ground pork can be available for making your own sausage. There will be plenty of fat available, too, so let me know on the order form (or email/give me a call) what your plans are for sausage making to get you the right ratios for your recipes.

More Information

This 4 Hows & Whys to buying a Whole Hog article offers even more hot tips for first-time whole or half hog buyers, no matter who you purchase from.